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Electric propulsion for bikes, DynameTM system

Propulsion PowerCycle's technology and innovation

Propulsion PowerCycle was founded in 2009. The company’s commercial mission is Research and Development for high voltage electric propulsion systems of vehicles. It is privately owned by  Paul Laprade founder, major share-holder and president. 

Propulsion PowerCycle’s main activity is the conception and development of products such as motors, transmissions, batteries, battery chargers and off the grid renewable energy stocking and transfer systems. Integrated propulsion systems are patented and commercialized under the DynameTM brand.

Propulsion PowerCycle has granted a licence to Procycle Inc. for the use of the DynameTM system in the commercialisation of the eVoxTM, Rocky Mountain Power playTM  as well as the Bewegen electric bike sharing system.

Propulsion PowerCycle has benefited  for the development of its technology from the sustained financial support of the National Research Council of Canada and the continuous collaboration of research scientists and students from the Université de Sherbrooke and the École de Technologie Supérieure de Montréal.